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Bespoke Garden Room

Our Bespoke Garden Rooms are given the exact same attention to detail as a complete build of a modern home.  In fact, they are a modern home, just in miniature! We apply the exact same methods of craftmanship and quality materials to give you a building that will last using sustainable and local materials that suit the environment of your project.

From Home Office to Yoga Studio or Art Room or that much needed Play Room, Soundproofed Music Room or Chill Out Room. Whatever purpose you need to find that extra space for, we can help with a totally bespoke garden room tailored to your needs and resulting in your vision.

We have our own plant and machinery and carry out the groundworks and landscaping too, leaving you with a bespoke space for you to work or relax as if it had always been there.

timber clad office 4.jpg
timber clad office 3.jpg
timber clad office 2.jpg
timber clad office.jpg
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